Ryan Sennett

Age: 17

Weight Class: 105+

Ryan set a new Youth American record earlier this year at the 2014 USA National Youth Championships with a 141kg/310lb snatch. He also posted a 170kg/374lb Clean and Jerk for a combined total of 311kg earning him first place at the 2014 USA National Youth Championships.


Interview with Ryan Sennett

Tree Trunx: When and how did you get started in Olympic weightlifting?
Ryan: I have been lifting for four years. I started weight training to gain strength for football, but I quickly realized that I was a better lifter than football player. I love that weightlifting is very individualized and that it pushes me as a person in many different aspects. I love being sore and tired and knowing that I put an honest day’s work in at the gym.

Tree Trunx: What are your weightlifting accomplishments?
Ryan: I currently hold the Michigan Men’s Record in the super heavy Weight Class. In 2013 (16 years old), I placed third at Junior Nationals which is a 20 and under competition. In 2014, I placed 2nd as a 17 year old. In May of this year, I won gold at the 2014 Youth Pan American Games by 70kg/155lbs in total. At 2014 Youth Nationals I broke the American Snatch Record with 141kg/310lbs and tied the American Record total with 311kg/685lbs, this won me the Youth Olympic spot.

Tree Trunx: What's next?
Ryan: I am really looking forward to training at the Olympic Training Center this summer. It will be good to train with the other Youth and Resident Athletes. Training with my friends and teammates inspires me to work harder and become a better lifter. I am very excited to represent the U.S. in Nanjing, China at the Youth Olympics.

*Photo courtesy of: Hookgrip


Ryan holding the flag at the opening ceremonies for the Pan Am Games.