Chris Chaney

Chris Chaney joined the Tree Trunx Team in 2014. 

A graduate of Southern Nazarene University, Chris played outside linebacker on the university's football team and graduated with a bachelors degree in exercise science & nutrition. During his last year of college, Chris opened his own gym, "5th Quarter Performance" in Oklahoma City. He started with only two clients and currently has more than fifty. 5th Quarter Performance continues to steadily grow each month.

Chris' character, entrepreneurial spirit and success encapsulates the essence of Tree Trunx Fitness. 

Age: 23
Height: 6'3"
Weight: 245 lb. 

Snatch: 147 kg. / 323 lb.
Clean & Jerk: 163 kg. / 359 lb.

  • 2014 Oklahoma Olympic Weightlifting State Champion.
  • 2014 Olympic Weightlifting National Qualifier
  • Box owner, “5th Quarter Performance”
  • Created a Chicago based popcorn company called “Chaney's Popcorn”.

Instagram: Chrischane_

Twitter: chris_chaney38

"A lot of people ask me, 'why open your own gym, when you can work for one?', I tell them that I don't want to be average, and I'm trying to leave a legacy. If I fail at least I know I tried my hardest to be above average and not just fall in line with everyone else. But truthfully the word "failure" isn't even in my vocabulary so its not happening. When people fail at things some times it is because the struggle has gotten so hard that they give up, or they lose the love for whatever they have, but for me the biggest one is they never remind themselves why they started in the first place. I know why I am taking on this challenge, and on the hard days I will remind myself why." Chris Chaney