The Ryan Sennett T

  • The Ryan Sennett T
  • The Ryan Sennett T

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A portion of proceeds will fund Ryan's expenses for his upcoming meets! 

  • Pan Am Champ
  • National Champ
  • Youth Olympic Team

Age: 17
Weight Class: 105+

Ryan set a new Youth American record earlier this year at the 2014 USA National Youth Championships with a 141kg/310lb snatch. He also posted a 170kg/374lb Clean and Jerk for a combined total of 311kg earning him first place at the 2014 USA National Youth Championships.

Interview with Ryan Sennett

Tree Trunx: When and how did you get started in Olympic weightlifting?
Ryan: I have been lifting for four years. I started weight training to gain strength for football, but I quickly realized that I was a better lifter than football player. I love that weightlifting is very individualized and that it pushes me as a person in many different aspects. I love being sore and tired and knowing that I put an honest day’s work in at the gym.

Tree Trunx: What are your weightlifting accomplishments?
Ryan: I currently hold the Michigan Men’s Record in the super heavy Weight Class. In 2013 (16 years old), I placed third at Junior Nationals which is a 20 and under competition. In 2014, I placed 2nd as a 17 year old. In May of this year, I won gold at the 2014 Youth Pan American Games by 70kg/155lbs in total. At 2014 Youth Nationals I broke the American Snatch Record with 141kg/310lbs and tied the American Record total with 311kg/685lbs, this won me the Youth Olympic spot.

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