One of the most frustrating setbacks (especially from an athlete's perspective) is an injury. One minute you're excelling and the next you're back to the basics. At first it appears as if years of training and hard work were for nothing. Thanks to you body's muscle memory, if you've attained a certain level of performance in the recent past, your body will remember this and return you to that level (pre-injury) much more quickly. 

I suffered a torn labrum in my left shoulder while playing college football at SMU in 2009. The days following I didn't want to face it - literally and figuratively. My plan of action was to immediately begin strengthen my shoulder with bands and light dumbbells. Although the pain subdued, it wasn't long before subluxation happened again. This time I knew surgery was inevitable. The following months tested my mettle. I had to start over and accept the shoulder rehabilitation process. That was four years ago and now my shoulder is stronger than ever. There are still some flexibility and stability issues during snatch work, but it's consistently improving and I'm 100% pain free. 
With a smart rehab plan there is a high chance an injured athlete will come back stronger than before. 

Begin to do what you can, where you are, with what you have.

I'd like to refer to elite weightlifter and Co-Founder of Caffeine & Kilos, Danny Lehr. Danny is a great example of how an athlete can bounce back towards full strength after undergoing surgery. I recommend you follow his Instagram ( and Twitter ( to track his motivational comeback. About 19 weeks ago he underwent shoulder surgery for a torn labrum. Just a week post-surgery Danny was back in his box doing what he could to heal stronger and faster. He is on route and expected to be competing at the national level again soon.
Tree Trunx wishes you all the best, Danny.